Choosing the correct type of window for the loft conversion is one of the most critical aspects of every loft conversion. Since the lofts are situated at the uppermost layer of the house, you need to construct a well-designed window to ensure your loft room is clean and you will get the amount of fresh air required. Contact a professional for a loft conversion in Reading if you need help figuring out where to start. They will guide you through the process and help you with ideas you can implement to construct the windows. 

Here are a few ideas for window designs for the loft conversions. Read on and choose from them. 

What are the different types of window designs for loft conversions? 

Dormer windows 

Every other person opts for a loft conversion to have constructed a dormer window. It is generally installed vertically and creates a box shape that helps to provide sufficient light and air to the loft room. However, you might need the neighbours’ permission to construct dormer windows in case the houses are built closely. 

Gable end windows

Gable end windows are aesthetically good-looking and match every type of home structure, design and shape. If you have got a ridged roof, the gable is where the house’s walls will meet and make a triangle shape. 

Balcony windows 

These are commonly known as the Juliet windows and are a beautiful way to add light directly to the room. However, the construction of these windows is subject to space and safety concerns. These windows are generally built with railings and protective glasses. Hence, if your loft is large enough, you can opt for a balcony window. 

Roof windows 

These window designs will fit perfectly to any roof construction and help you to get air and light into the loft space. Sometimes professionals call it Velux windows, which are the standard choice for many homeowners. 

Casement windows 

Casement windows do not fit all types of loft conversions. If improperly fitted, they will restrict the opening of the window completely. If the casement windows are perfect for your roofs, they can be easily opened, and you can let plenty of light into the loft and brighten it up effectively. 

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