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Loft Conversion in Reading and Wokingham, Berkshire

Spatially-Economic Property Conversions

Have you got a loft, basement or garage which is going unused or as storage for things that you can’t bring yourself to throw away? Unlock the full potential of your property, by speaking to the experts at Hicks Building Contractors.

With years of knowledge and experience, we can transform dead space in your home into a brand new room, which will both enhance and add value to your property.

Expert and Innovative Loft Conversion in Wokingham

Are you thinking of adding new space to your house? How about a small home office space? With most people resorting to working from home, this is quite a feasible option. At Hicks Building Contractors, we can help you to make this a reality. We have experience in all types of loft conversions.

We are the one-stop solution for useful yet affordable loft conversion in Wokingham. Our team of loft conversion specialists can transform lives and enhance property structures.

We have installed hundreds of loft conversion in Reading and can plan out any shape of loft rooms depending on your property type.

Avail Different Types of Loft Conversion in Reading

Hicks Building Contractors Ltd is a family-run business with a passionate, experienced and skilled team of specialists for a high-quality, beautiful loft conversion in Reading. Whatever the size and condition of the loft, hire us and get a spacious room out of the same. 

We follow a simple loft conversion process and ensure the full space is utilised. We will keep you informed through every step. We have years of experience designing and constructing some of the best lofts. For the best loft conversion in Reading, contact us.

Types of loft conversions we offer:

Dormer loft conversion

Add more space with our dormer loft conversions. If you have a semi-detached loft, this is the right choice. 

Velux loft conversion 

We design velux lofts to create spacious, bright and liveable spaces in the loft area. We do it without any alterations to your roof. So, it is a safe loft conversion. Contact us for the best loft conversions in Wokingham.

Hip-to-gable conversion

We do this conversion by extending the ridge out so that the same meets the external walls, and the conversion creates a large space that opens many options inside and outside. 

Mansard conversion 

This is the least common loft conversion requested by customers. However, we specialise in creating some of the best, most spacious and most beautiful Mansard conversions in and around Reading and Wokingham. 

To get good-quality loft conversions, contact us. 

Why select us for a loft conversion in Reading?

At Hicks Building Contractors, we can help you with loft conversions and also a few other services related to the same.

  • Free loft design and complete survey of the property
  • Adding loft conversions to enhance the property value
  • Designing spacious headspace in the loft conversions
  • Helping with all types of loft conversion ideas and styles

A loft conversion in Reading is the easiest way to add more space to the property. We do it efficiently to ensure you get full value for your money. To know more, check our website.