Home Extensions, Loft Conversion & Builders in Henley-on-Thames

Affordable Home Extensions

Are you thinking of expanding the home space? Hire experts from Hicks Building Contractors Ltd for effective home extensions. We offer state-of-art extension solutions to add financial and functional value to your property. We are the name you can trust for superior quality extensions.

Our loft conversions in Henley-on-Thames provide functional and affordable home extensions and loft extensions at a competitive price. With us, you’ll get an endless number of house extension options. Our home extension experts will design and build your home according to your requirements.

Whether you want a loft extension or a house extension – approach us and get the best available solutions.

Efficient Builders in Henley-on-Thames

Availing home extensions from us will help you get ample benefits. To know more, check our website.

  • We offer thermally efficient house extensions with super technologies to help you enjoy the space in all weather.
  • We build additional functional space and offer a versatile number of design options.
  • We ensure stunning aesthetics for the house by offering supreme and stylish home extensions fitting your requirements.
  • We offer customised home extension designs that will match the existing architecture of the house.
  • Our builders keep the weather constraints in mind while building the new house extensions.
  • We don’t compromise on the features while building the new part of the property.

Home Extensions from Builders

Whether you’re looking for modern and contemporary home extensions or traditional architectural styles, our builders in Henley-on-Thames can efficiently help you achieve the desired result. We aim to improve the value of your home.

Share your home extension plan with us and get your dream turned into reality at the most competitive rates in Henley-on-Thames. To know more, check our website.

Hire Local Builders in Henley-on-Thames

Henley-on-Thames is a popular marketplace town in England, which many prefer for its quick accessibility and surrounding greeneries. With many fields and hills of Chilterns, this is a property-friendly place in England. If you want to settle near the market but want to enjoy some peaceful time with your dear ones, then find a property in Henley-on-Thames. 

Are you looking for a Georgian-style house or modern contemporary architecture? Get a diverse range of constructions from local builders in Henley-on-Thames from Hicks Building Contractors Ltd

From new builds to refurbishments, we have experience in every building process. Whether you’re looking for an extension for a new build home from scratch, we have your back covered. 


How to find a good builder in Henley-on-Thames?

Ask the locals for references, or you can also take help from friends or family. Check online reviews and visit the local builder’s office before confirming them. 

What questions can I ask my builder?

Whenever you hire a builder, make sure you ask these questions:

  • Enquire about the years of business experience
  • Ask for sample projects 
  • Ask about the licence and insurance related to the construction
  • Please enquire about the types of buildings they have built

What should I expect from a builder?

The builder you hire will plan and supervise the project from scratch. You can discuss the designs and customisations you want with the builder beforehand. They will also check the refurbishments and demolitions and take care of the materials and fittings you’re planning to use in the project.