Let’s say you’ve got a garden or a patio area, which is more than enough to get a new room or an extension to the existing property. Then, get in touch with professional builders for home extensions in Wokingham.

They will guide you with the types of rear extensions you can get for your property. The choice of the rear extension depends on the space in the backside of your property. 

What are the different types of rear-end home extensions?

Generally, builders prefer rear-end extensions if the client plans to extend the kitchen premises and dining area or build a separate living area. Here’s a brief about the rear-end home extensions.

Single-storey rear extension

Single-storey extensions are the best options if the client wants a kitchen extension. They are less expensive and can be done quickly. Builders generally open up the kitchen during these extensions and divide the same with a kitchen island. 

Moreover, sliding doors, a separate dining area, and the kitchen are added as part of the extension. Since it is an affordable and easy-to-build option, builders and clients often prefer single-storey rear extensions. 

Double-storey rear extension 

It is a larger construction project compared to a single-storey extension. In these extensions, new rooms are added on both house floors. 

The best part is that you’ll get double the living space and add value to your property. However, it is not easy to start up with a double-storey extension. You must speak to the neighbours and get their permission since adding a new room to the upper floor might hinder their privacy. 

Wrap-around rear extension

As the name suggests, a wrap-around rear extension extends around the side of the property. With this extension, the builders create an L-shaped space around the property. 

This should be your call if you have a cramped living space. With a wrap-around extension, you can make your living room look spacious. The wasted space around the property is often used with wrap-around rear extensions. 

For property-enhancing home extensions in Wokingham, get in touch with Hicks Building Contractors Ltd. We can help you with home extensions which will add space and value to your home.