Hiring a builder right for the new builds can change the whole scenario. You’ll come across professional and experienced builders offering services for new builds in Reading. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open. Make sure you check and enquire about a few things before hiring them. Choosing the right builder will help you complete your new build within the deadline and as per your budget. If you are getting your house built for the first time, here are a few questions you should remember to ask the builder you are planning to hire. 

What are the important questions to ask the builder for new builds

Do they follow a systematic construction process?

Every good builder has a systematic process of designing, collecting materials and starting the construction project. They keep the client informed throughout the completion period. They offer customised construction services so that the client can make necessary changes. When you hire, you must ask this question to get the proper building you have in your mind. 

Are they offering soil testing before construction?

Once the client approves the architectural design, a responsible builder checks the soil to lay the foundation. Does your selected builder do the same? You need to know this before you hire them. 

What is the per square feet cost charged?

A very important question that many people miss is to ask the contractor about the per square feet price they are charging. The rate has inclusions and exclusions, which you should also know. Normally most builders include the work for the foundation, plumbing,  installation of doors and windows, painting and electrical works at the rate. However, if you hire a builder without knowing the same, you might get into trouble later. 

What are the qualifications of the in-house building team?

What are the certifications of in-house builders? This is an important question to ask. Experienced architects will have designs in mind. They will also take proper care of every aspect of the quality that should be maintained in a newly built house. 

What type of materials are you planning to use?

Ask for detailed materials specifications, from the brick and cement to the toiletries and home paint brand the builder plans to use for your house. Since you are getting a house constructed, you can make customised demands. 

What is the payment schedule and warranty provided?

Asking about the payment instalments process is essential before hiring the builder. Some builders charge an initial amount to start the construction process and take the rest of the payment in the middle of the completion period. Choose the one that offers a convenient deadline for you. Also, ensure that the builder you are hiring provides a warranty on the quality of materials and construction practices for at least a year. 

What is the deadline for completion?

It would be best if you had an eternity to complete your new house. Hence, you must ask a new builder before hiring the deadline they plan to set for the construction process. This will give you a fair idea of the time you should expect. If the deadline doesn’t match the amount charged or your expectation levels, it is better to approach a new builder for the same.

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