Converting the unused lofts into spacious rooms is an excellent way to add more usable space inside the property. While most of the houses are suitable for loft conversions, however, some types of homes are best suited for loft conversions compared to others. It would be best if you thus considered the opinion of builders in Henley-on-Thames before you opt for a loft conversion. The primary aim of loft conversion is to add more space without compromising the current architecture of the house.

Here are the details on the houses that are good for loft conversions. If you own one, you can easily get the same conversion.

Loft conversions for different types of houses

New build houses

Most of the new build houses are suitable for excellent loft conversions. However, to determine the feasibility of the same, you must check the ceiling height before opting for the loft conversion. If there’s ample headspace available, then a loft conversion is a feasible idea. The professional builders say the minimum ceiling height should be 2.3 metres. If you’re opting for a loft conversion in a new build house, you’ll get enough headspace and can easily convert the loft into a usable room.

Semi-detached houses

Semi-detached houses are ideal for creating additional rooms. They provide a lot of space, making converting unused lofts into usable ones easier. They are thus suited for all types of loft conversion styles. You can try dormer, Velux or simple loft conversion styles if you’re the owner of a semi-detached house. Speak with experienced builders and get the same type as the available space.

Detached houses

Like semi-detached houses, detached houses are also an ideal space for a loft conversion. They also provide a sufficient amount of headspace where you can accommodate the loft skillfully. Make sure to check with the local authority and seek permission before you start the construction process. There are several styles of loft conversion that are within the building regulations. In the case of detached houses, you’ll get many such options. Consult with the builder and get the best options.

If you’ve got a loft within your property, then hire experts from Hicks Building Contractors and get the best-designed loft conversions for your property. With years of experience, we can easily convert your dead room into a usable and creative space within the property.

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