A loft conversion is one of the most useful ways of adding more space to the property. It makes your property more valuable, and you can utilise it in various ways. Apart from considering the practical factors, ensure the loft conversion matches your property aesthetics.

Crucial Factors of a Loft Conversion:

Depending on the complexity of a project, a loft conversion can be divided into various segments. If you want to find the most suitable loft conversion for your property, consider a few factors. The conversion will largely depend on the structural features of your property and budget. The existing roof structure and planning restrictions also fall into consideration.

Pointing the Different Types of Loft Conversion:

The following section provides adequate information about different types of loft conversions in Reading.

● Dormer Loft Conversion: This is a popular loft conversion idea that can add more space to your abode. The loft peeps out vertically from the roof slope. Contractors use standard windows instead of roof lights. Dormer loft conversion is suitable for properties with a high pitch angle. It allows the useful floor area to be increased.

● L-shaped Loft Conversion: This type of loft conversion is suitable for properties that have been extended previously. The loft consists of an L-shaped dormer, with the larger end extending out from the main roof. The two sections of the dormer would meet in a corner. It is the most suitable option if you require a bathroom and a separate bedroom in your loft.

● Mansard Loft Conversion: This is the most prudent option for establishing a new storey through a loft conversion. It can be a sensible solution if your available space has a low head height. You can opt for a Mansard loft conversion regardless of your property type. The project replaces the sloping roof structure with a wall and a flat final roof.

● Hip to Gable Loft Conversion: This is the most suitable loft conversion idea for semi-detached properties. The hipped, slanted section of the roof side is extended to become a vertical wall, built to the same height as the ridge.

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